Heat Treatment (HT)


More and more countries decide to conform to the international packaging rules according to the standards of ISPM 15. The most important guideline in this is that wooden packaging must have a so-called heat treatment (HT treatment) before they can be freely imported and / or exported. undergo. As a result, the demand for HT-treated packaging is increasing rapidly. Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. Thanks to its own state-of-the-art drying rooms, it is able to carry out all required HT treatments in-house. Advantages of this are: Speed Flexibility Quality Low costs The entire HT treatment is controlled and monitored by computer. If you wish, a treatment report can be made of the treatment carried out that can serve as proof for your client that the packaging meets the requirements they set. Look at: general requirements internationally



Drying: a matter of patience. In addition to giving an HT treatment, wood can also be dried in the drying room. Drying wood and / or wooden pallets is a matter of graduality. Extracting moisture from the wood too quickly creates a high risk of cracking, while the products can also shrink or warp. We naturally want to prevent this.