Advice en Innovation


Stam Hout Pallets & crates B.V. always strives to offer the right packaging for your products and, if necessary, to develop them. The cooperation can vary from simple consultation to integral cooperation. Together we look at product specifications, the destination of your product (with the related requirements), the mode of transport, efficiency and of course the price. Has your product ever arrived damaged at your customer because the packaging did not comply? We would like to think along with you to prevent this at all times. It is not for nothing that the quality of our packaging is known as 'Strain quality', which means that we deliver solid packaging that meets everything that is required for your product. In addition, we ensure that our packaging is not over-specified and therefore becomes unnecessarily expensive! Packaging is necessary for the transport of your product and seems to be a side issue. But if the packaging is not satisfactory, major problems can arise and your product can be damaged with all the consequences that that entails. Often a standard solution is sufficient, sometimes the problem is deeper. We like to think along with you! For example, we successfully followed an innovation process with a client of ours, resulting in a genuine efficiency improvement within the business process. Previously the logistics of their plate stackers cost a lot of handling. Their plate stackers had to be lifted by hand to place them in the existing ramps. Together with them we have developed a whole new packaging system, in which a plate stacker can be driven into the platform via a ramp. This is just one example of the many options.