stam hout PALLETS & KISTEN B.V. - NEWS - may 2020

We are proud to inform you that last week we received an award from Lloyd's Register. Nice to report something positive and festive during this time! We have had the ISO 9001 certificate since 1990. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. 30 years ago we were the first pallet company in the Netherlands to win the certificate. This certification has become an indispensable part of the business world. “More than 1 million organizations worldwide have obtained their ISO 9001 certification. This standard is therefore the most important business documentation ever drawn up, ”says Lloyd's Register. In addition to the award that we received, our certificate has also been extended by 3 years. We are also working on obtaining a certificate for environmental management. You will hear more about this later.


stam hout PALLETS & KISTEN B.V. - NEWS - MARCH 2020

In the past month we have been interviewed by the editors of

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the power of wood

Wood is the most sustainable, environmentally friendly raw material available for packaging. The use of wooden pallets and packaging helps to protect our climate and contributes to the reputation of your company in the field of corporate social responsibility. The many benefits of wood form the basis for our communication strategy, which has been awarded the title "The Quality of Wood".


Wooden pallets and packaging can be endlessly reused, repaired and recycled. In the final phase, when wood is burned, energy is recovered. Wood is also the largest supplier of biomass. This cycle of wood is also CO2 neutral, 1 m³ of wood saves 0.8 tons of CO2 compared to alternative materials, such as plastic. There is no raw material that has the same qualifications.

The PR committee of the EPV has several communications available to convey this message clearly: Members can download these specific means of communication free of charge in the membership.

To boost the use of wooden packaging in the voyage of peoples, EPV has published a promotional booklet in which the advantages of wood compared to plastic are clearly listed.

In "The Power of Wood", wood is promoted as an infinite and sustainable resource and prejudices about wood are removed.

Click here to view the promotional booklet ‘The Power of Wood’.

Members can request the booklet for free by sending an email to:

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certificate  Lloyd's Register Quality assurance




circular economy

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We are proud to be a member of the trade association EPV (Dutch Packaging and Pallet Industry Association). Read the article about us from EPVision no. 52 (page 3) by clicking on the image.

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