The pallet is an extremely important accessory in the transport and storage sector. A relatively simple product, which is suitable for many applications.

At Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. you can go for high-quality products, which are produced with the most modern techniques. With the modern machine park we are able to supply almost all possible sizes and designs of pallets. In addition to standard pallets (CP pallets and Euro pallets), we can also produce pallets according to your own specifications, including:


  • Pallets for single or multiple use
  • Single decker or double decker
  • Two-way or four-way
  • Reversible or non-reversible
  • Notched
  • Pallets with a surrounding underside
  • Pallets with a crossed underside
  • Pallets that include a recessed bevel or bevelled corners
  • With or without pallet collars
    (The special pages on Pallet Collars contain further details.)

Two-way single decker pallets

Two-way double decker reversible pallets

Two-way double decker non-reversible pallets

Four-way double decker non-reversible pallets

Four-way double decker non-reversible pallets with crossed underside

reversible pallets with crossed underside Four-way double decker non-reversible pallets with surrounding underside

We produce our products with the following types of wood:

  • Northern European spruce and pine (dry and/or fungus-free)
  • Central European spruce and pine (freshly sawn or dried)
  • Hardwood (freshly sawn)

Of course, all pallets produced by us comply with legal standards, but it is also possible to produce pallets that comply with the latest international packaging standards, worldwide transport can be guaranteed without any problem (more information can be found on the International packaging standards page).