Pallet collars


The use of hinged collars in your warehouse gives you flexibility. They can be placed on pallets of the same size. The edges are stackable, so you can determine the height you need at a time. Ideally suited to store things in your warehouse. We can also supply you with lids that can be placed separately over this.


Hinged collars are available in the following sizes:

- Afm. 1200 x 1000 x ± 200 mm.
- Afm. 1200 x 800 x ± 200 mm. (generally used in combination with EURO pallets)
- Afm. 800 x 600 x ± 200 mm.

There are also various different versions, including:

  • Height made up of one or two planks
  • Extra strong iron corners
  • Two or four folding sides
  • An open side to make the products more accessible
  • Possibly combined with a pallet and a cover

All collars supplied by us are produced from dry and fungus-free softwood and are fitted with heavily galvanized hinges.