Our company

Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. is a Dordrecht family company. We have been specialized in making wooden transport packaging for more than 75 years. It was founded in 1946 by mr. Wim Stam Sr., and has grown from a one-man business into a renowned pallet and box manufacturer.

Starting point of our company is to deliver excellent quality at a competitive price, together with good service and fast delivery times. In addition, we do as much as possible to stay ahead of the latest developments on the market.

  • Forbears

  • 1946


  • 1950

    Warehouse Kolfstraat Dordrecht

  • 1961

    Warehouse Aardappelmarkt Dordrecht

  • 1967

    Warehouses Looierstraat Dordrecht

  • 1969

    Warehouses Looierstraat Dordrecht

  • 1977

    Factory Daltonstraat Dordrecht

  • 1988

  • 1990

    Lloyd's Register certificate ISO 9001 obtained as the first pallet and box manufacturer

  • 1994

    Start building new factory Bunsenstraat Dordrecht

  • 1996

    50th anniversary! Presentation of the figurine "Pegasus" by the Dutch Society for Industry and Trade. Specially designed for this anniversary together with a honorable certificate for mr. L. Stam Sr.