Environmental standards

timber: Re-usable, Repairable & Recyclable

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The future of the world is inextricably linked to our current concern for the environment. The greenhouse effect, global warming and the resulting rise in sea level are developments considered by many to be cause for concern. As a result, people are now increasingly opting for products that are known to cause minimal damage to the environment, not only during the production process but also throughout the life span of the product. Sustainability, re-use and recycling are key concepts in this respect.

Despite the fact that wood is one of the few natural resources that is constantly being replenished, many people choose to focus purely on the reports of deforestation and the disappearance of the rainforests. Thus unfortunately wooden pallets and boxes have come to have a bad name in environmental circles, often without due cause. The environmental policy of Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. centres on the statement that 'Concern for the environment begins at home!' This being the case, all of the products sold by Stam are manufactured in a way that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.


In order to be able to guarantee this kind of sustainability, the company works in accordance with the following principles:

  • All of the wood treated and/or processed by Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. is derived from special production forests that are known to cause minimal damage to the environment. These production forests work on the basis of a closed cycle.
  • Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. only treats and/or processes wood that has not been pre-treated with fungicides that are considered to be harmful to human health.
  • Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. procures all of its wood from suppliers that comply with all of the relevant environmental legislation and regulations. In addition to this, the supplier must also meet the additional environmental requirements drawn up by Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V.
  • Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. ensures that its production processes are run entirely in accordance with environmentally conscious methods based on the 'ALARA' principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), which is implemented in every respect.
  • For years Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. has been a member of a group that monitors compliance with the regulations set out in the Packaging Agreement II, as determined in a Ministerial Ruling dating back to 1997.

By implementing the environment-related measures outlined above, in its role as a supplier Stam is able to make an important contribution to the reduction in the impact on the environment that needs to be realised by your company