Environmental standards

timber: Re-usable, Repairable & Recyclable

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The future of the world is inextricably linked to care for the environment. The greenhouse effect, the associated global warming and the resulting rise in sea levels are developments that cause concern to many. As a result, products are increasingly being chosen that have been proven to cause as little damage to the environment as possible during the production process and the total life of the product. Sustainability, reuse and recycling are the key words here.

Although wood is one of the few raw materials that constantly renews itself, many people only know the stories about the deforestation and disappearance of the jungles. That is why wooden pallets and boxes unfortunately, and often wrongly, have a bad environmental reputation.
In the environmental policy of Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. the expression: 'Caring for a better environment starts with yourself!' is absolutely central. All products supplied by Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. sold products are manufactured in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible.

To guarantee this sustainability, the company has taken the following measures: Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. only processes and/or processes wood from specially designated production forests of which it can be demonstrated that as little damage as possible is caused to nature. These production forests have a closed cycle.

By applying the above environmental measures, Stam Hout Pallets & Kisten B.V. as a supplier you can make an important contribution to the environmental impact reduction to be achieved in your company.