Boxes and crates

Boxes and crates: Your product well protected!

The difference between boxes and crates is the amount of space between the boards. With crates there are large openings between the boards. As a result, crates are lighter and, given the costs, are often used for air transport. Crates made of sheet material are also suitable for this.

Boxes and crates offer the highest possible protection for your precious and fragile products. They protect your goods against the harsh environment and outside air, and can also offer extra protection against damage caused by shocks or water damage by careful use of foam film and / or plastic. This way your product will reach your customer safely and without any damage.

To meet your wishes even more, we can provide your box with transport saddle, HD bottom, hinged lid and / or hinges and locks. The side can be supplied separately, so that your product can be loaded from this side. We can also seal your product at our location. You will find further information on the 'Services' tab.

Stam Hout Pallets and Kisten B.V. has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of packaging. Boxes and crates can be produced in any desired format, entirely according to your wishes. Ask about our options!

Of course, all boxes and crates produced by us meet the legal standards. It is also possible to have the products comply with the latest international packaging standards, so that worldwide transport can be guaranteed without any problem (you can find more information on this on the page: International packaging standards).